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            Greater Manchester Police and Ethics in Religious Studies

            Posted on: January 27th 2020

            To supplement their study of Ethics in Religious Studies at KS3 and GCSE, students were visited by Chief Inspector Mark Nutter of the Firearms Policy and Compliance Unit and Firearms Training Unit of Greater Manchester Police.


            Students learnt about armed policing in England and Wales, the Human Rights Act in relation to armed policing, as well as the police code of ethics when using armed force. Through use of real case studies, students were invited to explore the pressures and complexities involved in the decision to use lethal force.


            GCSE Religious Studies includes the study of Religion, Crime and Punishment and Religion, Peace and Conflict, so this was certainly a compelling visit.


            With grateful thanks to Chief Inspector Nutter and Greater Manchester Police for giving up their time to provide us with such a valuable learning experience.

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