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          The Role of an SGS Governor

          What is the role of the 理事会理事?

          The Government's ambition is "that every school has a high performing governing body that understands its responsibilities and focuses on its core strategic functions; one that is made up of people with relevant skills and experience; and one which operates efficiently and effectively through appropriate structures and procedures".

          Sale Grammar School's 理事会理事 is made up of volunteers from diverse backgrounds representing different parts of the local community.

          In the main our governors represent the following categories:-

          • Teaching & Support 员工
          • 社区

          Strategic functions of school Boards of Governors

          The Government has set Boards of Governors of all types of schools the following three core strategic functions:-

          1. Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
          2. Hold the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
          3. Oversee the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

          As an Academy school Sale Grammar also has a number of additional functions and responsibilities:-

          • 招生 of students

          Our Structure of School Governance


          • The 理事会理事 meets once every term
          • Each of the Sub Committees meet once per term before the 理事会理事 Meeting
          • Extraordinary meetings may be called depending on the nature of the business

          The Role of the Parent Governor

          The role of the parent governor is often misunderstood: The parent governor serves on Board of Governors to represent the views of "a parent" and not necessarily the views and opinions of the parent community. The parent governor brings a parental perspective to discussions and decisions. Parent governors are under no obligation to put forward the views/opinions of other parents. If parents wish to have their views represented or conveyed at a 理事会理事 meeting, they are advised to contact the chair.


          The Constitution of the Governing Body

          "There can never have been a more important time in our country's recent history to be involved in education, and we need skilled and motivated governors who are committed to transforming our schools."

          The constitution

          Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Schools


          In the words of 主纳什, this is a time when we need committed individuals to join the 理事会理事 to help sustain and enhance Sale Grammar School as an Outstanding school for our present and future students.

          You don't necessarily need a qualification to become a school governor but we need volunteers with some life experience. However, a good governor should:-

          • Care about improving children's educational attainment
          • Want to contribute to the local community
          • Be able to work as part of a team and value the contribution made by different people
          • Be willing to get the necessary training for the role
          • Be willing and able to ask questions and offer healthy and constructive challenge
          • Be open to ideas and willing to learn

          作为州长,你必须: -


          • Be willing and able to prepare for meetings - papers to read in advance
          • Be able to attend meetings and depending on which sub committee(s) you decide to sit on there will be a number of meetings per term
          • Be available for meetings which will mainly be during the evenings but one or two maybe scheduled during the day
          • Be able to participate in informed discussions and decision making




          Do you have the qualities to become a school governor? Have a look through the “州长学校” 网站了解更多。



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